GM and EBay Team-up

GM and EBay team-up, NFL’s new slow motion, Microsoft Word, Data Backup, Cell Phone Industry.

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Show Notes Episode 8 News Flash

*  Southwest will offer wifi next year
*  MacOSX Snow Leopard available Aug 28th
*  XBOX 360 gets price drop and Sony releases the PS3 Slim
*  Zune HD applications confirme


1. GM and EBay team-up to allow consumers to haggle over car prices online

2. NFL’s new slow motion advertising spots

3. Microsoft Says it Will Temporarily Stop Selling Office if Word Ban Isn’t Lifted

Questions from Winforums

Question: (audio question)  Hi guys!  My name is Cindy and I’m really loving your show.  I thought I’d send you an audio question. Hope that’s ok.  Perhaps you can answer this on your show.

I’ve been using a computer for a few years now, but something I have always neglected is backing up and I think it’s time to start.  What recommendations do you have for protecting my information.  Thanks and looking forward to the next cast.  Bye!

Answer: Data backup and recovery

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Discussion of the Cast

The Cell Phone Industry

Dave’s story about AT&T and customer service – Emotions running high

*  Cancellation fees
*  Data Plans
*  Data and text messages
Voice mail pre-records – bypass
*  Phone availability
*  Customer Service and service differential
*  Different companies, different policies, different, usage
*  Bad blood? Or competition?

Tip or Site of Interest

Steve – Twitter Local
Mikee –Open DNS
Dave – US Ship

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