MS Word Appeal, Snow Leopard and iPod Announcements

iOS Apps, MS Word Appeal, Snow Leopard, iPod Announcements, Web and Data Outages.

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Show Notes Episode 9

News Flash

*  Facebook 3.0 application launches for the iPhone
*  Microsoft set to launch Windows 7 in New York on October 22
*  Apple announces new iPod Nano and Touch models along with iTunes version 9


1. David’s past AT&T experience and now with an iphone

2. Follow-up:  Microsoft permitted to continue Word sales for now

3. Snow Leopard
–  Primarily all under the hood updates
–  Expectations and Pricing
–  Compatibility – ooVoo as example
–  Shipped with downgraded flash version
–  A) 64 Bit booting  B) How to tell if computer is 64 bit?

4. Apple iPod announcements
–  Price reductions
–  Nano – video camera, larger screen and FM radio with Live Pause.
–  itunes 9 (Home sharing)
–  iphone and touch 3.1 firmware available

Discussion of the Cast

Current Web and Data Access Outages

–  Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, ATT, Verizon all experienced issues within the last few weeks.
–  When down, how do we get our news feeds?
–  Did it even impact us? If so, in what capacity.
–  Are these sites now targets because of their traffic flow and popularity?
–  Will these networks be in existence in 10 years? Is there a concrete future?
–  Is cloud computing worth, viable, and does it make sense for a business?

Tip or Site of Interest
Steve – Microsoft Springboard
September 24 a Virtual Roundtable on Windows 7 application compatibility. Panel will explore how virtualization tools can help you address Windows 7 application compatibility concerns whether you’re migrating from Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Dave –Find the air quality in any location

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