Wearable Technologies and Windows 8.1 Licensing

Thank for tuning into Episode 213 of The Waves of Tech is here!!  Get all the latest in tech news with us at thewavesoftech.com.  On this week’s show, we dive into some of new wearable technologies out there, including Samsung’s Gear 2 (watch) and Narrative (camera).  We add to the podcast by explaining the newest social networking for young athletes and the latest from the Windows 8 movement.  Enjoy the show and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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New Studio and Interview on START

During the past two weeks, we have been busy sprucing up the studio…and by that we mean changing rooms, laying floors, hanging studio lights, and sound proofing.  We have switched recording systems as well so that will pay off in better sound quality and editing.  Be sure to check out our interview with Nick with START (Start Talking and Recording Today).

Samsung’s Gear 2 & Gear 2 Neo

Wearable technology is the emerging sector of the tech industry.  Samsung releases their Gear smartwatch a bit too early, late fall of 2013, and didn’t fall into the graces of consumers due to the limited options, low battery life, and high price point.  Samsung re-engineered and presented Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, introducing more health and fitness based functions and integrations.  We will see if this sticks with consumers the second time around.

Front Page Athlete

Front Page Athlete will become the first and only social network and personal development for young athletes.  Be sure to head over to Indiegogo and support this amazing effort.  FPA will focus on molding young athletes into better, mindful, more successful people and help develop generations of exceptional individuals with integrity and character.  Famous professionals athletes will be accessible for these young athletes to talk with as well.


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Windows 8.1 and Licensing

It has been clear that desktop users have yet to embrace Windows 8 as a usable professional or personal platform.  Windows 8 was truly designed for the mobile and tablet market and that’s where it has refocused its attention by dropping the licensing fee, for select machines, by 70 percent.  Microsoft understands that Chromebooks have a dominant position in the market because of low-cost and/or open-source operating systems and need to reintroduce Windows 8 and 8.1 to the industry.

Narrative – The Newest Memory Supplement

What if you could document every 30 seconds of your life via pictures?  Check out the latest in wearable technology from Narrative.  This small device is easily attachable to your person and captures your life as it passed by…with a chance for you to relive it at a later time.  The Narrative is definitely a conversation piece and may change the way we capture the moments in our lives.

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