Wearables Market Update, Drone News That Isn’t New News, and AmazonGo

amazon-goOn Episode 333 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a few topics making headlines and let you know how technology is changing our lives.  We discuss the current wearables market, explaining the drop in Apple Watch sales and incline in FitBit products.  In drone news, many media sources are painting the FAA as the barrier to commercial drone use in the United States.  We are here to debunk that mentality.  And finally, AmazonGo is the latest venture from the e-commerce giant.  AmazonGo is a no line, no cashier brick-and-mortar grocery market concept.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Status of The Wearables Market

Wearables have grown in popularity over the past two years.  With products like FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, and Apple have stakes in the market share of wearables.

  • Apple continues to see drops in sales of Apple Watch, a concern for the tech giant
  • FitBit is exploding by offering a diverse product selection for a select market
  • FitBit is reportedly buying Pebble, which started as a Kickstarter, for $40 million
  • Comparisons are made of the two, but they are two distinct product lines and markets
  • Holiday shopping season should boost sales for Apple, FitBit, Garmin, and Xiaomi

Drone News That Isn’t New News

Whenever a mega corporation wants to use drones but is inhibited by current regulations, the government is often painted as the one holding industry back.  Guess what, it’s not doing that.

  • Apple is trying to use drones to improve their Maps application
  • Current FAA regulations serve as a framework on what can and cannot be done
  • Commercial drone use is growing and regulations are in process of development
  • Mega corporations need to play by the rules rather than thinking they are above the law
  • FAA focuses on safety and restrictions, which is vital for drone use and industry growth

AmazonGo – No Line Grocery Stores

Amazon, the once small e-book site, is entering the brick-and-mortar business with a no-line, no-cashier store front for their customers.  AmazonGo opens in Seattle in early 2017.

  • AmazonGo is a self-service grocery market, connecting to an Amazon user’s account
  • Store uses sensors to detect what items shoppers have picked off the shelves
  • If successful in Seattle, Amazon plans to open 2,000 stores nationwide
  • The new grab-and-go process is the latest in grocery store innovation
  • No line, no cashier, and no waiting are the selling points for consumers
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