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Shutting down Federal data centers, EA Sports, my real name, and power for your house through your vehicle.

Show Notes

Welcome into Episode 99 of Waves of Tech. Thanks for checking out the podcast. One step closer to Episode 100!! Being that it was kind of a quiet week in tech, we hit on some different topics this week. First, we breakdown the decision of the federal government to downsize and consolidate their data centers by nearly 40%. With the demand for data on the rise, it doesn’t seem like the best plan. But with an ever pressing agenda to reduce federal spending, the time may be know. We discuss. For you big time sports gamers, check out what EA Sports in doing with their “Season Ticket” program. A $25 yearly subscription will allow you to get sports games sooner, access more content, and provide you a discount on some qualifying purchases. Next, the Zuckerbergs are at it again and this time they shoot for closing the gap of anonymity on the web. Listen in as Steve tells his honest opinion about the topic. Finally, Japan has always been a hot bed of innovation and technology. The Nissan company is working to power your house…with your car now! Tune in to this week’s episode and take the ride all the way to Episode 100. We hope you love to ride…the waves of tech.

1. Why shutting down 800 federal data centers won’t be easy?

2. ‘EA Sports Season Ticket’ buyers

3. Real names and Social Media

4. Power your house with your car


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