Healthy Tech Topics – What is Tech Neck? and Telecommuting

Waves of Tech is all new this week with a show primarily based on becoming healthier!  With the introduction of cell phones, tablets, handheld gaming devices, and e-readers, the use of such devices are causing health related issues and injuries.  Also on the show, Yahoo! announced a new policy towards reducing telecommuting in their business.  We discuss the benefits and challenges of telecommuting from a personal, professional, and health platform.

We all spend countless hours texting, gaming, reading, and watching videos on our mobile devices.  Well, this behavior is beginning to manifest a new health issue called “tech neck.”  Tech Neck is defined as overuse syndrome involving the head, neck, and shoulders. It typically results from excessive strain on the spine from looking in a downward position.  Dr. Cornett of the University of Nebraska offers each of us healthy and helpful hints to avoid getting all these pains in the neck.
Yahoo! recently announced a drastic change in how their employees will be completing their work – and it doesn’t include telecommuting.  With the news, we figured we would discuss the benefits and challenges of telecommuting.  So many variables are in play such as employee morale, productivity, work quality, and team communication.

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