Best Buy Stock, Prime Day, What Makes a Tech Company and Net Neutrality Protest

best buy amazon servicesOn Episode 361 of The Waves of Tech, we cover a variety of tech topics and share what influence they will have in your life.  Fox Sports main website have removed all written content, transitioning to a video only based format.  Best Buy’s stock dropped 7% after Amazon announced a competing in-home network of installation professionals for smarthome devices to their consumer base.  Amazon Prime Day is here and you can make the most out of the experience by checking out our recommendations.  After seeing Blue Apron listed and valued as a technology company, we ask the not so easy to answer question – what makes a company a tech company?  In an attempt to compete more directly in the cloud services industry, Microsoft is reorganizing their sales division to focus on large enterprise and small and medium sized businesses.  Finally, a net neutrality day of action and protest is scheduled, where 170 companies will deliberately slow down their service to protest the FCC’s proposal and education their users on the impacts of that proposal. Thanks for tuning in!  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

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Fox Sports Website – All Video, No Articles

Last week, several journalists, reporters, and lifelong contributors announced on Twitter that they had been fired from Fox Sports.  Why…because the main website went completely video-based with no written content.

  • now only has video clips, highlight reels, and segment of TV shows
  • The site is designed for quick consumption and shareability of social media
  • Longform analysis and journalism is no longer wanted by the executives
  • In-depth reporting, written content is being pushed aside for quicker, consumable items

Bestbuy Stocks Dive –  Why? Amazon

On Monday afternoon, Best Buys stock took a major hit of just over 7%.  This was due to Amazon’s announcement of putting together a network of installation professionals to assist Amazon customers with setting up and organizing their smarthome devices.

  • This is a direct interference with Best Buy’s Geek Squad model that is successful
  • For $99, Amazon will send a technician to a home to assist with setup and questions
  • Best Buy has weathered the storm of Amazon and continues to thrive despite the drop
  • Best Buy has adapted their business model and tailors to a specific set of products

Amazon Prime Day – July 11

Well…our summer shopping holiday spree is about to get under way!  Amazon’s famous Prime Day is here and several of us have already spent more than we should have.  Thanks, Amazon.

  • Follow these recommended 5 Steps for a successful Prime Day experience
  • If you are not a Prime member, consider joining for $99/year to take part in the event
  • Find holiday, birthday, graduation, and personal deals for yourself and others
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What Makes A Tech Company?

The question of what makes a company specifically a tech company is more of an open ended question and discussion than it is a definitive answer process.  The recent Blue Apron IPO, valued and listed as a tech company, opened our minds to having this conversation.

  • Is Blue Apron a food service & delivery company or a tech company
  • Similarly, is Uber a transportation company or a tech company
  • Software, cloud services, infrastructure, app development are clearly tech companies
  • How do other music-based services fall into the category of technology companies

Microsoft Sales Reorganization

In a report from Investopedia, Microsoft is reorganizing portions of the company.  Microsoft will be reorganizing to focus on a cloud-first strategy led by Azure, its cloud hosting business.

  • An estimated 3,000-5,000 jobs are expected to be cut across company lines
  • The software giant will focus on large enterprises, small and medium businesses
  • They are slowly and steadily chipping away at Amazon Web Services dominance
  • Can Microsoft stay competitive with slightly elevated pricing points

Net Neutrality Protest

One way to get involved and demonstrate the reality of if net neutrality rules are stripped away is to run your sites as if the rules are stripped right now.  Over 170 companies are joining a Day of Action to educate their users on net neutrality and its potential to harm.

  • Net neutrality is the principle that an ISP should give consumers equal access to all legal content regardless of its source, without slower or reduced speed
  • Companies will show advertisements and pop ups which encourage users to comment
  • Organizations will deliberately slow down their services to protest the proposal
  • FCC will have their hands full when it comes to those in favor of net neutrality
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