What The #Tech is Happening?

On Episode 371 of The Waves of Tech, we try and answer one question – What the tech is happening right now?  We start the podcast with the tragedy of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, exploring how social media helps us stay informed of local issues and how fundraising after tragedy is not always legitimate.  Be aware that hundreds of social media scams pop up during tragedy as others look to profit off loss, heartbreak, and death.  Also, during the planning of International Podcast Day, we run into some technical issues with our Google account and YouTube channel, including a copyright infringement, inability to edit video, restricted Hangouts On Air testing, and limited access to human contact.  In other news, with school in full swing, we share some of the great discounts one could receive if using their .edu email address – from Squarespace to Microsoft, from Adobe to The Washington Post.  The Waves of Tech is powered by thewavesoftech.com – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

The Las Vegas Mass Shooting – What The Tech is Happening?

In the early morning hours of Monday morning, we began seeing reports on social media of mass murder, chaos, and heartbreak.  One man terrorized concert goers, ruining the lives of so many families.  When the news spreads through social media and text messages, you learn of the local impacts of tragedy.  That’s exactly what has happening today.

  • Bakersfield – Jack Beaton & Bailey Schweitzer (killed); Aaron Mundhenke (shot in hip, recovering); Angelica Soto and Carmen Alegria (both shot but recovering)
  • Tehachapi – Rachel Sheppard (critical condition)
  • Social media can be used for good; these events rile up hatred, fear, debate
  • Social networks are a great way to quickly learn of regional & local impacts
  • With friends in Las Vegas, “Checked in as Safe” is effective communication for most

Preying on the Loss and Tragedy of Others Through Technology

In the wake of tragedy, we find people that prey on the vulnerabilities of death, loss, and heartbreak.  We find out quickly that there are some despicable people out there establishing intentional fraudulent fundraisers, spreading deceit and false information on social media, and scamming people for funds with the hope of profiting off death and bloodshed.

  • Be cautious with fund raising sites; check validity of organization and organizer
  • Give to established organizations, hospitals, churches; give to families directly
  • Report and flag inappropriate or questionable accounts and fundraisers
  • Spread the correct information; spread love and compassion

Grab Your College & University Tech Discounts

Whether you are paying your own way through college or your parents are helping out, it’s always nice to find educational discounts along the way.  There are often discounts for magazines, travel, memberships, and more.  What about the big players in the tech space?  What discounts can we expect with an active .edu email address?

  • Amazon: Free six-month membership to Prime Student
  • Spotify: Spotify Premium’s student discount cuts the standard rate in half
  • Microsoft: Access to Office 365 for free with a valid student email address
  • Squarespace: 50% off student’s first year of service
  • The Washington Post – Free subscription to anyone with a valid .edu email address
  • Adobe: $10/month access to Lightroom and Photoshop; $20month for access to Adobe’s 20-plus apps

International Podcast Day & Issues with Google & YouTube

As we were planning for this year’s International Podcast Day, we stumbled into some technical issues and drawbacks while using Google, Hangouts On Air, YouTube, and YouTube Live.  This included a copyright infringement, a locked account, an appeals process, and the inability to speak to a human being during the process.

  • The title of a session used had a copyrighted phrase, which froze the account
  • Account was immediately locked, without the opportunity to fix or remedy the issue
  • YouTube no longer allows content owners to edit video and repost
  • Google has become the most impersonal tech company with near 100% automation

12th Annual Podcast Awards Ceremony on International Podcast Day

The Waves of Tech was a finalist again in the Technology category of the Podcast Awards.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to each and everyone of our listeners and supporters for the nomination and voting.  Whereas we did not win this year, we appreciate the sustained support over the years.  The The Waves of Tech’s Busy Ladies was also a nominee but did not take home the prize.


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