When 100 Year Old Technology Fails

On Episode 465 of the Waves of Tech, we are here to talk a little tech and share our opinions on what’s happening out there. California is gripping with power outages and wildfires, and it begs the question over concerns with using an electric grid system built on antiqued technology. By all accounts, Microsoft shocked the cloud computing world when it was announced that the Seattle-based company was awarded a $10 billion federal government contract over Amazon Web Services. Lastly, SpaceX is testing a new satellite internet service to reach half of the world’s population that has no access to an internet connection.

When 100 Year Old Technology Fails

California has been a hotbed for wildfires and devastation for several years now. At the core of many of the fires are publicly-traded utility companies – Pacific Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison. Since these companies have neglected maintenance, power outages are a now routine function of life for California residents.

  • The overall electric grid is old, decrepit, outdated, and faulty at its core
  • Functioning off of dated technology is causing major issues for business and residents
  • More advancement in battery power from solar generation is necessary
  • An evaluation of the entire system is desperately needed and technology improved

$10 Billion JEDI Contract Awarded to Microsoft

In a very surprising announcement that caught many of us off guard, Microsoft was awarded a lucrative Department of Defense contract. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) is designed to move the department into the 21st century as they shift their database to the cloud. Microsoft is to provide artificial intelligence analysis and hosting of military secrets.

  • Fair to say that this is a paradigm shift in cloud services and opens up competition
  • Microsoft is well positioned to provide the federal government with needed resources
  • And of course, Amazon is shocked and considering a request for reconsideration
  • It is too early to estimate the general consensus of the Microsoft approval

Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Service Idea

Last week we talked about Tesla’s inability to make a profit, and this week we are talking about Musk’s big concept of providing internet-based satellite internet around the globe. He’s a man with big ideas. Some ideas seem great in concept but are often questioned when it comes to implementation and in real time practice.

  • Starlink has concerns with latency, delay, functionality, congestion, and more
  • Envision operating thousands of satellites circling in orbit from 300-700 miles overhead
  • The Starlink network is in testing mode with Musk using it at his personal residence
  • SpaceX plans to use the Falcon 9 to launch these satellites into orbit

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