New Apple Products And One Billion Windows 10 Users

On Episode 484 of the Waves of Tech, we are back and talking about Apple, Microsoft, and IBM. After an emotional two weeks of recording, we dive into the latest products to debut from Apple – the MacBook Air and iPad Pro. Microsoft accomplished an amazing milestone by reaching the one billion user base for Windows 10. The software giant also quietly teased a possible new user interface to their consumers. In talking about the coronavirus outbreak, we learned this week that IBM’s Summit, the world’s fastest supercomputer, is doing its part to inform scientists of possible usable drug compounds.

New Apple Products Debut

Last week, Apple announced a few new products. With so much attention being given to the coronavirus outbreak, the debuts took a back seat. However, the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro deserve some attention. The MacBook Air is featured at a $999 price point with some outlets selling for $950. The iPad Pro ranges from $799 to $999, based on display size.

  • Air comes with Intel’s 10th-gen dual-core i3 chip, upgrading to i5 adds an extra $100
  • Air features a Magic Keyboard, the new Force Touch trackpad, 256GB SSD of storage
  • iPad features a Liquid Retina display, ProMotion, True Tone, and 264 pixels per inch
  • iPad’s biggest advancement is the use of the A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture

Windows 10 Hits Billion Milestone

From an Instagram post from Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, we learned that Windows 10 has now reached one billion users. This is a major milestone! The video post features some hints at a possible new user interface that users can expect in a future operating system. Microsoft has not made any official announcements regarding the milestone or UI.

  • The video hinted at some newly designed apps, both built-in and downloaded
  • Some of these features may be slowly and incrementally implemented in products
  • It feels like Microsoft has quickly turned the page and is creating headway in the industry
  • Many failures have plagued the software giant; this substantiates their recent moves

Supercomputers Taking on COVID-19

Everyone in the technology industry is focused on utilizing their specific talents to curb the spread of the coronavirus. IBM’s supercomputer, Summit, is in the mix serving as a key resource. Summit is computing and analyzing drug compounds to see what results may lead scientists and experts to a possible treatment method and to speed up clinical testing.

  • Summit has narrowed down 8,000 compounds to just 77 in under two days
  • Summit performs 200 quadrillion calculations each second, incredible speed
  • The research team programmed the SARS genome to assist in processing
  • 16 other supercomputers are being used to process, aggregate data and research

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