A World Without Passwords

On Episode 444 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving deep into a number of tech topics for you today. Be sure to share your opinions with us! The technology industry is slowing moving away from the antiquated concept of passwords into a realm of web authentication. We discuss what that looks like and why it is so important. AT&T announced that over the next few years, 5G pricing on their network will take shape and we discuss the implications of 5G data consumption on data plans. Trust is at an all-time low for big tech following misuse of data, congressional hearings, and data hacking loss. Yet, we continue to use their services without holding companies accountable. Lastly, we share news of Amazon testing 1-day free shipping for Prime account holders and Microsoft’s $1 trillion market valuation. Find recent episodes of the podcast and connect with us on social media by heading over to thewavesoftech.com.  Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’.

A World Without Passwords, Is it Near?

On last week’s podcast, we discussed the idea of how poor password management by users is pushing the technology industry in a new direction. That direction is moving beyond a world where passwords are the key to security and implementing various forms of web authentication as a primary means for digital security, privacy, scalability, and protection.

  • W3C (world wide web consortium) is developing web standards for authentication now
  • WebAuthn is the option, a global standard for secure authentication on the web
  • It will soon be supported by all leading browsers and platforms across the internet
  • Google introduces FIDO2 for the mobile Android operating system in February

AT&T Announces Increased 5G Pricing for Users

Similar to how home internet pricing is structured, AT&T hinted at the cost of 5G being along the same lines – the more speed you want, the more money you’ll have to hand over. Where is that is of no surprise, let’s not forget about the data plans AT&T has in place and what 5G download consumption may look like in relation to data restrictions and capped usage.

  • 5G makes plenty of sense for business, enterprise, startups, blue chip companies
  • Does the standard consumer and user of tech truly need 5G at this moment in time
  • Paying more for 5G that is anything but reliable or readily available seems tricky
  • AT&T CEO said pricing changes for 5G will play out over the next two or three years

Very Few People Trust Big Tech, Yet We Continue to Use

In a recent article from The Verge, Tom Foremski reported that consumer trust in big technology companies is broken. According to new research and a survey of USA and UK-based internet users, more than 40% saying they “do not trust many of them to lawfully manage their data.” This is in response to serial misuse in user data and loss of personal information from hackers.

  • Only 7% of Instagram users trust the company with their information, 19% for Facebook
  • Amazon ranked the highest at 28%, Microsoft at 24%, and Dropbox at only 9%
  • Despite these low end percentages, growth in platform use continues to impress
  • More work is needed in terms of surveillance, hacking, and censorship of users

Amazon Impresses with 1-Day Free Shipping

When Amazon originally announced 2-day shipping with Prime, many of us questioned the ability of a company to live up to that promise. With much surprise and impression, Amazon has completed that easily and now venture into 1-day shipping options. With a host of fulfillment centers, a fleet of trucks, and logistical data, there is no surprises this came to be so quickly.

  • The CFO snuck the announcement during a quarterly earnings call to shareholders
  • Amazon has already been tinkering with 1-day shipping for specific ideas of recently
  • Brick and mortar stores will again have to reimagine options for in-store shoppers
  • Logistics infrastructure and long term vision is proving very profitable for Amazon

The Newest $1 Trillion Company

In August and September of 2018, Apple and Amazon were announced as the first two $1 trillion valued corporations, respectively. It took only seven months for another company to join the elite rank – Microsoft. Over the past ten to fifteen years, Microsoft has truly adapted to the changing technology landscape and integrate various revenue generation ventures into their business models that pushed them into the $1 trillion valuation market.

  • “This is a metric that nobody on the senior leadership team is tracking.” ~Microsoft
  • Revenue for Office, LinkedIn, and Dynamics is equal $10.2 billion
  • Azure cloud, server products, and enterprise services generates $9.7 billion
  • $10.7 billion in revenue results from Windows, Xbox, and Surface products

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