Twitter Button and Google Offers

Here we go with another tech-filled podcast for everyone!! We would like to thanks everyone for their feedback regarding the show, the content, and the new website. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We throw a lot of content your way this week: The US responds to cyberattacks on the Pentagon & other defense contractors; Google launches Google Offers, a Groupon competitor; Comcast finds a way to offer $10 broad band Internet service to low income households; the button battle continues with Twitter’s new “Follow” feature on many popular sites; and we highlight on some of the expected announcements from Apple’s WWDC. We hope you enjoy the show. Join us this week, as we ride….the waves of tech.

Show Notes
1. Listener feedback
2. Pentagon Declares Cyberattack an Act of War
3. Google Launches Its Groupon Competitor
4. Comcast to offer $10 a month broadband Internet to low income households
5. Button Battle
6. WWDC 6-11 June


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