Universal Heath Care Versus iPad

This week on the Waves of Tech: Support meltdown, Paper or Plastic, AT&T, Universal heath care versus an iPad and the CALM Act

Show Notes

Why does the 1-800 phone system cause us so much frustration and send us into a mental tailspin? Steve was recently sent on a phone system circus through the Bright House corporation. And this circus wasn’t by anyway entertaining. This leads the discussion towards the decline of customer support and whether the size of the company explains the level of quality customer support.

2.AT&T Rated the Worst Carrier…again
Way to go AT&T! You are now the proud owner of a six-year trend – being rated the worst domestic carrier. AT&T has struggled for many years with a failing network infrastructure which has in turn translated into failing customer service and millions exiting to other cell carriers. Apparently spending $2 billion in infrastructure improvements isn’t improving AT&T’s customer base.

3.iPad vs. Universal Health Care
Given the option, would you choose an iPad or Universal Health Care? If you chose the iPad, you are in the majority of survey takers according to a recent CNET online survey. The Waves of Tech crew has a kick with this segment. Tune in, check out the discussion, and leave your thoughts on the website.

4. CALM Act – Back in the News
The day has come! The Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation Act in set to take affect in 2011. Basically, the Act will control advertisement volume levels so that they do not exceed the volume of the current TV show, movie, or sporting event. Having that ear-splitting volume spike drives everyone absolutely crazy!

5. Paper or Plastic – Evolution from Checking to ATM’s to Debit Cards to Online banking
Steve, Mikee, and Dave discuss their personal ways of dealing with finances. As the transition from cash to check, check to ATM, and ATM to Online banking continues to take place, which of the crew is following in the tech’s pathway. You may be surprised with the statements.

6. ChromeOS
Mikee provides a solid breakdown of ChromeOS. The Internet has been abuzz about the new operating system. Moreover, there are plenty screaming about the potential and significant changes Chrome will have on operating system. Tune in and listen to Steve and Mikee’s take on ChromeOS.

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