WWDC Announcements and Lunch with Microsoft

This week on Waves of Tech 183, Steve and Dave are joined by Rick from Tech of Sports as they talk about Apple’s WWDC announcements and discuss an interesting meetup between Rick and a few Microsoft representatives.  Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to share the podcast with a family member, friend, or coworker this week.

WWDC Announcements

The first day of Apple’s WWDC is always an exciting one for Apple enthusiasts, industry leaders in development, and the tech industry.  It’s an event that sets the stage for the next round of updates, upgrades, and features from Apple.  This year, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a series of new products and features from Apple: iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, Mac Pro, Macbook Air, iTunes Radio, and Airport Extreme.  We break down and give the details on the announcements.  What are your opinions of the next round of Apple features?

Lunch with Microsoft

Rick had the privilege of meeting with a PR and products representative during their travels to Atlanta last Thursday.  During their lunchtime meetup, the gang of three talked about a host of items ranging from Microsoft phones, exciting new features and products, the WiFi industry, and the childrens’ market.  Rick provides a detailed account of the conversation while answering Steve and Dave’s questions about the briefing and, more importantly, what they ate for lunch.

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