Yahoo Hack Indictment And Raspberry Pi News

Yahoo BreechOn Episode 346 of The Waves of Tech, we cover the Yahoo breach, talk some drones, and explain why Raspberry Pi is in the news.  The United States Justice Department and FBI issued indictments of four individuals, including 2 Russian intelligence agents and notorious hacker, related to the massive Yahoo account breach.  In drone talk, we review Steve’s presentation at a local association meeting and then give our takes on the patent filed by Wal-Mart to fly drones inside their stores.  Hint…we are not a fan of the plan.  And finally, we speak to the significance of Raspberry Pi becoming the third best selling general purpose computer.

Russia’s Connection to Yahoo Breach

Over the past few years, we’ve reported extensively on the volume and reach of breached Yahoo accounts that now totals nearly 500 million.  The Justice Department of the United States has announced a Russian connection to the majority of these hacks.

  • Total of 4 Russians, including two intelligence agents, are indicted for the major hacks
  • Both the Justice Department and FBI investigated the breaches over the past years
  • The Russian hack has cost Yahoo $350 million, a devaluation of the Verizon purchase
  • The scale of cybersecurity and threat to consumers has never been higher than now

Drones, Drones, and More Drones Talk!

Drones are always in the news and worthy of discussion.  Steve presented last week at a local Air & Waste Management Association meeting, sharing the benefits of using drones for work.

  • Cost effective options that saves significant time, money, and resources
  • Great for use in emergency response, TV and film, real estate, and agriculture
  • Private consultants and municipalities are collecting data easier than ever
  • When used appropriately, drones will change your businesses landscape

Drones Flying in Your Nearby Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart filed for a patent this week that would allow the mega big-box retailer to deploy drones throughout their stores to delivery items to customers in the store.  Where do we begin…

  • This is not a healthy direction for the drone industry to move toward, as there is little to no utility and value in using drones in big-box stores
  • Automation is a hot topic for corporations with the use of drones, AI, and robots
  • Drones are expected to replace employees on the floor assisting customers
  • This is a great case where automation should not replace employees in the store

How Wants Raspberry Pi

Do you remember the Commodore 64?  For years, it was the third best selling general purpose computer behind the likes of PCs and Macs.  Now Raspberry Pi has taken over third place in history.

  • Commodore 64 laid the framework and innovation for future in-home computing
  • Raspberry Pi overtakes Commodore with the sale of over 12.5 million units sold
  • Not bad for a company that was expected to make between only 10 and 20,000 units
  • There is some debate on whether Pi should be ranked third, details presented
  • Take the opportunity, do a Google or Bing search for some historical photos and stories
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