YouTube Union And International Digital Taxes

On Episode 460 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a host of topics that you need to hear about. France’s 3% digital tax has gained exceptional attention over the past few weeks and continues to make headlines as the United States and French officials find a compromise. YouTube creators and YouTube are hitting the negotiating rooms as video publishers are asking for a seat at the table in terms of moderation, monetization, and decision making. Windows has released a patch twenty years after learning of a bug in their operating system that could cause significant damage if exploited. One of the biggest stories in 2019 is the rush for the common end user of technology to purchase their own VPN service and for very good reason.

France & U.S.A. Reach Taxation Deal

Over the past few months we have been reporting on the French digital tax. This 3% tax on mega-technology companies is being attacked as a hit on American companies and a compromise is now in place, all this while France and other countries seek to find ways to tax multinationals that do business across international borders via the internet.

  • The new deal involved the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • This is an international organization balancing interests across national boundaries
  • Very few tech industry lobbyists have made statement on the France/USA handshake
  • France’s tax remains in place, while some tax is paid back to companies

YouTube Battles Union Demands

Anytime there is competing interests in economics and creative control, there will be conflict. YouTube is experiencing this now in Germany as a coalition of creators are unionizing asking for more transparency in YouTube’s decision making process and content moderation. For the most part, YouTube has ignored requests from the union members until recently.

  • Many union members are the international small to medium sized online creators
  • YouTube still hold the power is terms of status, decision making, and monetization
  • In order to be successful, the union needs a few big hitters to step to the plate
  • Members find it hard to unionize due to notable differences in grievances

Windows Bug Patched Only 20 Years Later

Let’s be honest… We all have to-do lists and sometimes those items take a little bit longer than they should. But have you ever had something stay on a list for 20 years. Enter the CVE-2019-1162 bug that specifically affects a major part of the Text Services Framework. Microsoft knew about the bug and waited until a Google Project Zero researcher disclosed it.

  • If properly exploited, the bug can provide an attacker full-system privileges
  • It has been shown that the attack itself was not very complex to actually carry out
  • Somehow it comes of no surprise to us that Microsoft let this run its course for awhile
  • The patch has been released after some pressure from Project Zero personnel

2019 – Year of the VPN

Despite everything going on in the cyber security and personal data protection industries, we are still hearing reports of massive data breaches and information hacks. This is where VPN enters the equation. VPN service has been used historically in small, medium, and large corporations but has filtered down to residential and end user levels.

  • VPN basically scrambles your activity with encryption so information stays private
  • This service is becoming dramatically more popular in the home and over WiFi
  • We have heard more stories of personal VPN use this year than all years previous
  • VPN is the next step to maintain security in the digital landscape we work and live in

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