Zune, Bandwidth Caps and News Sources

Possibly the end of Zune, AT&T Bandwidth Caps, iPad 2 and Ebay sales and News Source Flip-Flop

Show Notes

This week, Mikee takes a well deserved vacation and our good friend & developer buddy Fernie joins the podcast! The hot news of the week was AT&T’s decision to begin metering bandwidth. There are some major personal implications of this decision and we break it down for you. The Zune becomes a question mark as a part of Microsoft’s future and another milestone is reached in the battle of online news sources and newspaper print sources. Finally, we discuss the recent selling of an iPad 2 for nearly $4000 on eBay. Enjoy the show and join the conversation at ! It’s time to ride…the Waves of Tech.

1. The End of Zune & Microsoft’s responseBusiness Insider, Neowin, and Bloomberg all reported that Microsoft plans to pull the plug on the Zune music and video player. Microsoft denies the report by stating that all reports have been overly exaggerated. Were we able to reach a consensus of whether this is a good idea? Tune in to find out.

2. AT&T DSL Metering
If AT&T is good at anything, it is at driving their consumers absolutely crazy. In this case, metering bandwidth and implementing overage charges is the latest push. Maybe AT&T should reinvest into their failing infrastructure then maybe they wouldn’t have to make ridiculous decisions like this. We weigh in our thoughts.

3. Milestone: Web (Finally) Surpasses Newspapers As News Source
We knew the day would come and the day has arrived. 46% of people now say they get their news online at least three times a week, surpassing newspapers (40%) for the first time. As the face of communication changes domestically and internationally, the manner in which we gather our news and information changes.4. iPad 2’s on eBay & eBay’s rulesThe smell of capitalism is pungent in this discussion. The iPad 2 has erupting an online buying frenzy, with a single iPad 2 selling for nearly $4000 on eBay. Steve raises his concerns, Fernie supports the market, and Dave straddles the fence. What are your thoughts – free market enterprise or is policing needed?

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